5 Quick Museum Marketing Tips for 2019
April 24, 2019

Whether marketing, communication, and advertising is your full-time job or your second full-time job, connecting with your target audiences and reaching your goals can be a huge undertaking. Here are 5 quick tips to get you thinking about ways to more strategically and efficiently make a difference with your marketing.

  1. Don’t be afraid of digital marketing strategies. New isn’t always bad and in order to attract a younger audience (25-40 year olds should be your second largest audience) you have to go online. Social media and digital advertising tactics are an incredibly efficient use of your budget opposed to traditional print media.
  2. Create content all the time. In order to create fresh content think about the stories you tell really well and then find a twist on them. What ‘behind the scenes’ stories can you share with your target audience? Do you gather content from your visitors? When is the last time you created a video? Content is king.
  3. Bring your museum to the community. While you can’t physically take your exhibits with you everywhere, you can partner with community organizations to take interactive elements to various events. Or, collaborate with those organizations and host events at the museum. You may reach people who wouldn’t normally visit.
  4. Talking about marketing to your non-marketing staff members. Sharing your campaign ideas and results with your team members will help build rapport and get everyone involved in the creative process. If you’re already using digital tactics, that data will help you build a case for or against different strategies.
  5. Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. Your museum should have high-tech experiences, low-tech experiences. Your museum should have at least one Instagram moment. Your museum’s brand should be consistent to that visitor no matter where they turn.

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