Say Hello To Context!
October 6, 2017

If you’re involved in marketing, you’ve heard the saying “content is king”. Even Bill Gates agreed with that statement — back in 1996.  But the saying you’ve been using, reading and sharing is in fact, false. Take a deep breath! Yep, it’s hard to wrap your head around it — but the reality is that content isn’t the all-mighty we once believed it to be. So, if content isn’t king, what is?



First, consider its definition:

[kon-tekst] – Noun – the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect.

If we take the definition for its literal meaning, it is the who, how, why or strategy of content. Making content the what or the tactic of context. When it comes to a successful marketing plan, the strategy is the ruler, while tactics are the building blocks to support that strategy. If we follow this process of thought, it would make context king and content the supporting role, right?

So how did the switch come about?

Content first became king of marketing because the goal was to have consistent, seemingly endless amounts of information available to consumers. As digital started to transform and grow in popularity, EVERYONE began to adapt this “content” idea. The amount of information became increasingly competitive for businesses and brands alike.

So how do you beat your competition? Better content.


And what makes better content? Context.


As stated above, context is the why and the strategy. It takes every element of importance and gives reason to the content being used.

In order for us to better understand this new concept of thinking, let’s observe an example we can all relate to: this blog post.

Let’s say the message (content) of this post is exactly the same, but we switch up our context. The way you’re reading it now is Silver Oaks branded, it’s professionally organized and well-written, it’s easy to access and it’s coming from people with experience. If I changed the context to a handwritten, crumpled up piece of paper without any attribution to a thought-leading creative agency, the overall success of the message would drastically change.

bad context


When you have thought-provoking and strategic context, it adds value and strength to your content.

So, the new rule of the land: Context is king and content is the crown.


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