Make the most of your video budget
May 31, 2019

If you haven’t worked with a creative agency previously, or you have but find your video projects consistently come in over the estimated costs, we have a few tips to help you stay within your budget.

As a creative agency, we work closely with our clients to identify costs associated with your projects. Here are some considerations that can help you stay on track:

  1. Take advantage of the estimating process. This is the time to be specific about your needs. Share as much information as you can regarding your intended audience, your vision for the video, your budget and the channels you plan to utilize to share your video. Providing more information upfront means fewer revisions later. Additional rounds of revisions can mean addition costs.  
  2. Provide B-roll photographs (and video, if you have it). B-roll is extra footage captured to enhance the storytelling of the video. If your organization has a rich history, and you have photos to complement the story, collect and share them. Doing so can minimize the number of locations we need to shoot, saving you some time and money.
  3. Find willing participants. Involving your employees or customers in a video is a great way to increase the perceived reliability and trustworthiness of your organization. Coordinate with these people in advance of the shoot, and arrange their schedules accordingly. Provide details to each of these participants regarding when and where they need to be, what they will be doing and what they need to wear.

At Silver Oaks, we believe in creating the highest quality product for you. We will work with you every step of the way to achieve that. We also know that money is never infinite and we value your faith in us. We work with you not only as a client, but as a partner.

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