Inspiration is Everywhere!
June 30, 2017

As a word nerd, one of the sites I frequent for inspiration is Merriam-Webster.com.  Yep, they’re the dictionary people. But their website is not exactly like thumbing through a dusty old volume for the word perspicuous. They have features like the Word of the Day, various vocab games and spelling quizzes, plus interesting musings on trending words like “scurrilous.” I go there to look up spellings, and sometimes I just need a little creative inspiration!

This made me wonder where my fellow Silver Oaksians go to be inspired…

Dylan Atwater, IT Specialist: “I like Reddit for multiple opinions on different issues. I also go to tomshardware.com for anything IT related.”

Joe Zerull, Videographer: “I go to IMDB a lot to watch new movie trailers – if I like them, I use the site to find out more about the directors and the actors. Also, the video crew likes to invite co-workers to movies that we find interesting and cool. Last time it was Alien: Covenant. This time it will be Baby Driver.”

Grace Burt, Project Manager, Museum Services: “Pinterest – and news and reviews (via e-blast and Facebook) by other creative producers in the industry.”



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