Inspiration is Everywhere!
June 30, 2017

As a word nerd, one of the sites I frequent for inspiration is Merriam-Webster.com.  Yep, they’re the dictionary people. But their website is not exactly like thumbing through a dusty old volume for the word perspicuous. They have features like the Word of the Day, various vocab games and spelling quizzes, plus interesting musings on trending words like “scurrilous.” I go there to look up spellings, and sometimes I just need a little creative inspiration!

This made me wonder where my fellow Silver Oaksians go to be inspired…

Mark Weitzel, Hardware Engineer: “I love ebay. It’s a great place to find model and part numbers.”

Julia Evans, Project Manager, Museum Services: “Buzzfeed. I love all their ‘feel good’ lists and ways to organize stuff. And it’s inspirational to know which Disney Princess I am based on my favorite candy bar. Just sayin’.”

Clint Thomas, Designer: “Dribbble is a cool community site for designers. And Pinterest gives me logo and web design inspiration. I also flip through actual magazines for ideas as well.”

Tracey Sands, Project Manager, Marketing: “Every day I read articles from The Medium, which is an online platform for leaders, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and every day citizens to share a story, idea or perspective. I also enjoy meeting with like-minded people to discuss marketing, influencers, brands, current community and international events. In summary, I’d say my inspiration comes from reading, writing, and talking with other people from all walks of life.”

Dylan Atwater, IT Specialist: “I like Reddit for multiple opinions on different issues. I also go to tomshardware.com for anything IT related.”

Joe Zerull, Videographer: “I go to IMDB a lot to watch new movie trailers – if I like them, I use the site to find out more about the directors and the actors. Also, the video crew likes to invite co-workers to movies that we find interesting and cool. Last time it was Alien: Covenant. This time it will be Baby Driver.”

Grace Burt, Project Manager, Museum Services: “Pinterest – and news and reviews (via e-blast and Facebook) by other creative producers in the industry.”


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