Let. Them. Play.
June 27, 2019

Recently I had a great conversation with a museum curator about the nature of play and the way it can impact the way we learn and understand. This incredibly bright and astute woman said, “I think as adults, and especially as professionals, we underestimate the power of play as a learning tool.”

This notion isn’t new, but it made me think about how I learn and, further, how I make decisions. I realized I’m a part of a group of “new” consumers. We want content and lots of it — from video to photos and everything in between. But it needs to be interesting and never boring. 

Have you noticed how many views YouTube videos garner just for unwrapping a new toy or unwrapping the latest BirchBox to explain the products? It’s information, it’s the coveted online review, and it’s engaging every time!

Apply this principle in a different context. 

A man scrolls through his phone looking for a new golf putter. He lives in a rural area so he knows he’s going to have to make a decision without actually seeing the putter. 

Sure, photos and specific descriptions are helpful. But, what if we just let him play?

What if he saw a 360 degree video of the grip and the putter head? What if a brand provided him a quiz to match him with a product that best matches his needs? What if he could choose one of three sloping greens and watch a video of someone putt?

He. Wants. To. Play.

Let. Him. 

The more interactive and engaging you make your produce or services, whether it’s truly tangible or not, the more likely people are to respond to it. Consumer confidence will increase and those consumers will be more willing to make a decision. These suggestions are only the beginning, because interactive technology is whatever you want it to be. 

Big brands are awesome at utilizing these strategies but the technology is accessible to businesses everywhere, big and small, B2B and B2C. I challenge you to stop thinking about what’s possible within the confined space of a computer screen. You can have big ideas and they can come to life – with a little play.

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