Welcome to Silver Oaks!
July 6, 2017

Silver Oaks welcomes two new employees!

New Employee Julia

Julia Evans, Project Manager, Museum Services

Originally from: Carroll, Iowa.

Education: BA in History from Wartburg College and a Masters in Museum Studies from WIU.

I’m inspired by: Quirky creativity.

Favorite place traveled so far: Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Favorite drink? Caramel skim latte at Red Band in Davenport.

Favorite book: Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel.

Museum that blew my mind: The British Museum in London. “Suddenly I found myself standing in front of the Rosetta Stone. It’s amazing to see famous artifacts in real life!”

When I’m not at Silver Oaks, I’m….at the Analog Arcade Bar in downtown Davenport, bike riding or Netflixing — latest binge: The Keepers.

Art, history or science museums? Rank in order of your favorites. History, science, art.

Museum bucket list: The Louvre, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and various Civil War battle sites.

Lives with: Her cat, Lucy, and her boyfriend, Jason, a historian.


New Employee Gilly

Gillian Renk, PreMedia

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Education: BA in Fine Arts/Painting from the University of Northern Iowa

Favorite art forms: I’m into illustration and comic book art, and video game concept art.

Pets: my cat, Gilgamesh.

Favorite movies: Netflix crime documentaries, Marvel and Disney movies, the Oceans 11 trilogy and Pride and Prejudice.

In my spare time, I: Work on my webcomic, Aether: Earth and Sun, make costumes, and do custom illustrations by commission.

Foodie? Yes. My husband, Will, and I YouTube different recipes to try. He’s a great cook! We’re also interested in learning about different wines and are fans of a good whiskey bar.

Board games or video games? Both. Dungeons and Dragons for the board game, and at the moment, The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind, is my favorite video game.

What are your duties at Silver Oaks? I do photo retouching, line art, and uploads to client databases.

How do you like working at Silver Oaks? Silver Oaks is…great! Everyone here is super rad. And it’s kind of surreal, since I spent a lot of time here when I was growing up (my mom was a writer and video director!)

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