Grant Wood Decorative Arts Interactive

The Project

Create an interpretive experience at the Brucemore historic estate that helps visitors broaden their understanding of Grant Wood and the depth and significance of his artistry.

Our Role

Silver Oaks developed a computer-based, touchscreen interactive program that showcases Grant Wood's art – specifically focusing on the decorative plaster mural that Irene Douglas commissioned him to create for her daughter's sleeping porch – as well as explain his role in growing the arts in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and in the Regionalism Movement in general. The mural features an intricate vine that winds around the porch walls with birds and animals hidden among the leaves and flowers. The interactive program includes a section that allows visitors to scroll around the scene and locate the 11 hidden animals. Additionally, the program includes a series of videos featuring Grant Wood experts, a detailed narrative on the conservation process to preserve the mural and an interactive map that details significant "Grant Wood" locations in Cedar Rapids.

The interactive program was designed to function in two modes – tour-guide mode and self-guide mode – providing flexibility for the wide variety of events and tours that Brucemore hosts. Depending upon the type of event, the client can easily switch the modes so that information a docent would use in a tour is available, or the full program can be accessible to visitors when they are exploring the exhibits in the historic estate on their own.