360° Chicago

Concourse Multimedia Components

The Project

Create a multimedia experience at the concourse level of the John Hancock Center, Chicago, that entertains and informs visitors as they wait in queue to go up to the 94th floor observation deck called 360° Chicago.

Our Role

Silver Oaks produced a series of audiovisual elements that bring the sights and sounds of Chicago to life for visitors as they make their way through the 200-foot-long passage leading to the elevators.

Custom audio programs set the tone for the experience with ambient medleys of iconic Chicago songs in the ticketing area, as well as an immersive soundscape that fills the exhibit with notable Chicago sounds.

“Making of a City ‒ The Chicago Story” is a 7-minute video that chronicles the city’s history. The beginning sets the stage showing the city’s growth from 1673 to the present, illustrating the neighborhoods’ growth patterns due to the immigration swells. The video then transitions to a historical overview that showcases the significant events that have shaped the city’s culture.