Colonel Davenport House

Map Interactive

The Project

Create a series of displays and interactive experiences for the Colonel Davenport House, located at the Rock Island Arsenal, that bring the story of Colonel George Davenport to life in the historic home's newly constructed East Wing.

Our Role

The new exhibit area provides an open educational space for tours to gather and learn more about Colonel Davenport and his significant role in the early development of the Quad Cities area. Around the perimeter of the space, are two large wall graphics showcasing Colonel Davenport's family tree and a timeline detailing his life. Visitors can explore a touchscreen interactive map for more in-depth information about Davenport, his life in Rock Island and his iconic home. Additionally, visitors can test their luck at a custom-made board game, "Steering the Rapids," where they can follow along the fur traders' route from Rock Island to St. Louis and work to maneuver the hazards along the way to safely deliver their goods.