FedEx Hub Multimedia

The Project

Create a dynamic destination area at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tenn., that is comprised of compelling content that can be refreshed regularly, economically and with ease.

Our Role

Silver Oaks produced two large-scale multimedia presentations that convey FedEx's commitment to its customers, pride in its Memphis roots and a connection within the global community.

The “Social Connection Recharging Table” is a 10′ long by 6′ wide oval table with charging stations for mobile devices. The table also displays live social media feeds for FedEx and professional basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies. While people are waiting for their devices to charge, they can view these updates from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter projected directly onto the top of the table via an overhead projector. A custom-created aggregator populates a grid of live social media feeds that randomly rotate.

The “Possibilities Wall” is a large dual-screen presentation that cycles through a series of scenarios that first present a historical, Memphis-based fact and then present a corresponding FedEx-oriented fact to “complete the thought.” In a simple, yet bold visual manner, the presentation illustrates how the Memphis-based company has established a global presence and helps connect people and places all over the world.