Iowa Hall of Pride

Wrestling Touch Table Activities

The Project

Develop a series of wrestling-related activities that play back on a 55" touch table for multiple visitors to engage with and enjoy at one time.

Our Role

Working with a 55" MultiTaction Table, Silver Oaks developed three custom interactive activities that challenge Iowa Hall of Pride visitors' wrestling knowledge.
  • In "Score a Match," visitors watch a video of a wrestling match and must score the moves accordingly. At the end of the video, the points are tallied up and compared to the match's real scoring.
  • "Name the Move" tests visitors' ability to identify various standard wrestling moves. Set up as a multiple-choice activity, visitors watch a short video clip and then must select what the move is from three choices.
  • "Wrestling Trivia" checks visitors' Iowa wrestling smarts. From a pool of 20 questions, each game features five random questions pertaining to anything and everything related to Iowa wrestling.