Midway Village and Museum Center

“Many Faces, Once Community” Multimedia

The Project

Develop an exhibit at Midway Village and Museum Center in Rockford, Illinois, that highlights the community’s rich multicultural heritage. “Many Faces, One Community” transports visitors back in time to the 19th century, when there was an influx of immigrants to the area.

Our Role

Silver Oaks produced a series of ambient soundscapes that help to enhance the realism of the visitors’ experience. As visitors walk by the train depot, along a street scene, and through a furniture factory, they hear and feel what it was like to have been an immigrant at the turn of century.

We also created a touchscreen interactive that addresses the stiff hiring practices of the day. Visitors are encouraged to apply for a job at a furniture factory. Once they indicate their skills and traits, they are notified of what position(s) they are qualified for. However, once they indicate their ethnicity, discrimination may become a factor, and they may or may not be offered the position.