New York Mets Hall of Fame and Museum

Hall of Fame Interactives

The Project

Create a Hall of Fame and Museum for the New York Mets’ Citi Field, in Flushing, New York.

Our Role

Silver Oaks worked closely with the Mets’ marketing department to gather a vast amount of data and historical content to develop four touchscreen interactives.

“Birth of the Franchise” chronicles the early history of the Mets franchise, from its creation, to its early years, to its amazing fan support – including photos and text descriptions to showcase the key moments.

“Broadcasting Legends” recognizes the prominent broadcasters that have graced the Mets airwaves since the franchise’s inception. The interactive features a bio, photo and audio/video clips of memorable calls for each of the seven legends.

“Playoffs” highlights the Mets playoff seasons, including their 1969 and 1986 World Series Championship titles. For each season, the interactive includes a season overview, video highlights of pivotal moments, memorable photos and a team roster.

“Put it in the Books” was designed and programmed to look and work like a media guide, allowing users to easily flip through pages to look up Mets records and stats.

All four programs were constructed with a custom admin system to allow the client the flexibility to update the content as needed.