Pro Football Hall of Fame

Rotunda Multimedia

The Project

In honor of its 50th Anniversary, the Pro Football Hall of Fame underwent its largest expansion and renovation project in history. As part of the project, the Hall of Fame’s original iconic two-story rotunda, originally constructed in 1963, was completely renovated with new displays.

Our Role

Silver Oaks assisted with producing 13 multimedia experiences. Working closely with NFL Films to gather appropriate footage, the videos and interactives touch upon all aspects of the sport. Several of the programs include a custom admin system that allows the client to keep the content current.

“Instant Replay Station” is a touchscreen interactive that is housed in an actual instant replay booth. The program allows visitors to select a play scenario, watch the respective play from a series of camera angles and “then make the call.” Then they can see how their call compares to what the actual official ruling was for that scenario.

“Team Records Database” is a touchscreen interactive where visitors can search by Current or Defunct Teams to review a team’s record from any given season.

The five button-activated video stations focus on the history of Canton, the pioneers of pro football, the six commissioners, the Dolphins’ perfect season and the sport’s cultural influences.

The six touchscreen video stations highlight the 10 dynasties in pro football, key football records, the science and innovation side of the sport, the top 14 fantastic game finishes, the eight greatest plays of all time, and the sport’s road to racial equality.