Purina Farms Visitor Center

“Better with Pets” Exhibit Interactives

The Project

Create an interactive and educational experience that not only increases visitors’ appreciation for pets but encourages them to join Purina in building better pet communities.

Our Role

Silver Oaks designed and programmed a series of interactive experiences that are interspersed throughout the four exhibit areas.

  • “Breed ID” allows visitors to find out which breed of dog or cat they are most like and have their image morphed with that respective breed into a takeaway photo to post on social media.
  • “Life Lessons” encourages visitors to leave short notes about what they have learned from their pets. The thoughts are posted to a secondary monitor and loop throughout the day.
  • “Pet Scan” provides visitors with a multi-station experience where they scan a card at a series of 5 stations to learn about the key characteristics and care tips of a particular cat or dog breed.
  • “Heartwarming Videos” feature inspirational stories of how assistance animals and service dogs play a vital role in the lives of people challenged with physical or emotional difficulties.