Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum

Korean War Exhibit: Map Timeline Presentation

The Project

Enhance the existing Korean War Exhibit at the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum in the Grout Museum District, in Waterloo, Iowa, to better illustrate how the conclusion of World War II transitioned into the Cold War era and the Korean War.

Our Role

Silver Oaks worked closely with the museum's historians to enhance their Korean War story through an eight-part video presentation that provides an overview of World War II and the Korean War. Developed as a geographically-based story, the presentation shows the United States' involvement in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of World War II, and then how the world divided at the conclusion of the war as it transitioned into the Cold War era, eventually leading to to the Korean conflict.

Projected from the ceiling onto the top surface of a 10' wide by 6' deep cabinet, visitors can trigger each video via a series of push buttons to see the storyline unfold. An attract loop plays when the program is inactive. Each video is structured as a map animation sequence that is enhanced with historic images and video footage, battle animations, sounds effects and a custom-edited music score – providing the final effect of a dramatic theater presentation.