Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum

Korean War Exhibit: Battleship USS Iowa Experience

The Project

Develop an immersive experience at the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum in the Grout Museum District, in Waterloo, Iowa, that showcases the role that the battleship USS Iowa played in the Korean War.

Our Role

Silver Oaks worked closely with the museum's exhibits team and historians to bring the USS Iowa experience to life. Silver Oaks partnered with a fabricator to develop an exhibit that places visitors on the Iowa's bow in front of the 16" guns for an iconic photo-op with an actual inert 16"/50 MK14 HC projectile. On either side of the exhibit are touchscreen interactive programs that allow visitors to delve into the history and purpose of this famous battleship.

The "USS Iowa Service Record" program explores the Iowa's extensive role during the Korean War, as well its missions during World World II and its third commissioning in the 1980s. Using a timeline interface, visitors are able to see the respective voyages on a world map, and then read about the missions and see supporting historic images and footage.

The "Explore the USS Iowa" program details the ship's unique specifications and capabilities through a 3D model and historic images.