World Golf Hall of Fame

“Major Moments” Interactive

The Project

Produce a large-scale touchscreen experience that allows visitors to explore the intricacies of the Majors’ trophies.

Our Role

Working closely with the team at the World Golf Hall of Fame, Silver Oaks created an interactive program that gives visitors a larger-than-life glimpse of the four Majors’ trophies. Displayed on a 55″ touchscreen, the interactive features 360-degree photography of each trophy - allowing visitors to see the unique details and engravings on each. Additionally, visitors can learn about the trophies’ histories, as well as see the venues and winners over the lifespan of each of the four Championships. On a fun note, visitors can also commemorate their visit to the Hall of Fame by personalizing an image of the World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee Crystal, which they can then share via email and on social media.